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November 26, 2006

Ping Pong

by gastronomicbypass

Location 3322 N Broadway St

In one word – Clubby

Food – I’m all for authentic ethnic cuisine, but you can’t discount the value of pan Asian comfort food sometimes. When you’re in that Big Bowl mood but want to stay away from a chain, go to Ping Pong. They do good things with both chicken and tofu. I am a big fan of the sesame chicken.

Drink – It’s BYOB here. Love that because BYOB can be a real cost saver when dining. Lucky for you, there’s a great wine shop just across the street from PP.

Service – This could be reason enough to come to PP. If your runway strut needs work, come here to learn from the experts. Each time I am at PP, I marvel at the beauty of the staff’s walks…maybe that’s just me being weird, but I swear, it’s captivating. No reservations are taken here, so pop open that bottle you brought and wait for a table. The restaurant has just expanded so maybe your wait time will lessen?

Occasion – Let’s cut to the chase, the majority of the patrons are gay male couples and the girls who love them. The combination of the white based décor with the club beats make you feel as though you’re in a scene and will get you in the mood for your next stop at Berlin.

Dress – Hip is good, but choose your outfit carefully because I, along with all the other members of the patronage, will judge your ability to pull off the Sienna Miller wannabe look with slouchy boots and skinny jeans.

Cost – Entrees will run you at about $10. With an appetizer, expect to pay about $17 – 20 bucks with tip.

If you like…, try – Firefly, Sura Thai Bistro, Republic

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