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November 26, 2006



by gastronomicbypass

Location – 3231 N Clark St.

In one word – Frushi

Food – Where to start? The frushi, the fruit-filled sushi, is one of Orange’s novelties. As is the pancake flight. Each month the restaurant offers four kinds of short stacked pancakes based on one theme with a cute name. Very good, but will give you your carb quota for that week. I like Orange because they change up their menu and you honestly can never choose poorly at this place.

Drink – This place is a haven for the juice connoisseur. You’re given the option to create your own juice blend (all from fresh ingredients), but honestly I am always content with the freshly squeezed OJ. Also try the orange-infused coffee. Just do it, you’ll like it.

Service – Friendly, casual, everything you want in a brunch establishment.

Occasion – If you want to impress some out of towners with a fun Chicago establishment, take them here. I like this brunch locale because there aren’t that many small children here (in comparison to other brunch places). There is an Orange in Lakeview, but I don’t find their staff to be all that friendly and it’s really small. All in all, if you want to get in to eat within a half hour and good service, go to the South Loop location.

Dress – Brunch wear, meaning sweatsuits, Bears jerseys and jeans desperately in need of a wash, are acceptable.

Cost – Frushi, juice, coffee and an entrée plus tip will probably take you into the $20 range.

If you liked…, try – Bongo Room, Kitsch’n River North

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  1. Jan 1 2008

    So I went to Orange yesterday and had one of my worst dining experiences ever. The place was severly understaffed and the customers suffered for it. It took us 25 minute to be seated when we were told it would take 10 – 15 minutes. My grilled cheese was soggy and they took the liberty of replacing the potatoes that came with the meal with a salad (but they never told me they were doing so). They needed to tell me they were out of potatoes before serving me my soggy meal. Our server seemed minorly apologetic. When I told her we’d been waiting for our food for 50 minutes, she corrected me and said it had been 41 minutes. Since when is 41 minutes proper wait time for food? And since when is it acceptable to correct a customer on something like that? All in all, it was a sad day. Orange fell from grace.

  2. Nov 16 2011

    This is the Lakeview address. The South Loop Orange is on Harrison.

  3. Nov 16 2011

    Here is the updated list of location:
    – 730 W Grand
    – 738 N Clark
    – 2413 N Clark
    – 2011 W Roscoe

    The one on Harrison closed.


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